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Roller Derby : le 18 Janvier 2015 un match amical était organisé à Reims dans le gymnase François Legros, où s'opposaient les Reims Beastie Roller Girls (BDG) aux Lille Roller Girls (LRG).
Roller derby : photos from a friendly match in Reims where the Reims Beastie derby grils played against the LRG - not it isn't the London Roller Girls but the Lille Roller girls !
BDG vs LRG-1086BDG vs LRG-1087BDG vs LRG-1090BDG vs LRG-1093BDG vs LRG-1094BDG vs LRG-1095BDG vs LRG-1102BDG vs LRG-1105BDG vs LRG-1106BDG vs LRG-1107BDG vs LRG-1108BDG vs LRG-1112BDG vs LRG-1114BDG vs LRG-1116BDG vs LRG-1117BDG vs LRG-1123BDG vs LRG-1126BDG vs LRG-1129BDG vs LRG-1130BDG vs LRG-1132

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