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A selection of photos taken during at Tottenham Leisure Centre where i went to see the Liver Roller Derby action. The meeting called Club Tropicarnage involved the Ultraviolent Femmes against Suffra Jets. For this event I used a Canon 7D with a 24-105 f/4 zoom lens ; I also tried my 100-400 f/4.5 - 5.6 zoom lens. Not ideal lenses for an indoor competition.
Raffle ticket anyone ?The Suffrajets teamThe Ultraviolent FemmesAngri-la : refereeVagablonde.roller derby actionright in the middle.Dot Slash on the floor.Poison Arrow (85).Lola Vulkano 19Come on !Vagablonde in action.Kamikaze Kitten in actionHula Gunn 77Grievous Bodily Charm 1984Panning on a Suffra Jet girl.kamikaze Kitten running away.Vagablonde running away.A Suffra jets Roller Girl.The Bexorcist 931

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