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A selection of photos taken during a London Roller Derby event in Earls Court.

In the first bout, the Suffra Jets were opposed to the Steam Rollers. In the second bout, a new 4th league team called "the Harbour Grudges" faced the "the Ultraviolent Femmes" in their first ever match.

Despite using a pro looking camera, most of my action photos are simply not good enough. The AF is all over the place ; in my hands my 7D fails to focus correctly. I'm frustated when something like 70% of my photos are just good enough to go the bin ! I'm much succesful in motorsport photography !
2 jammers in action.typical scene from Roller Derby.Fox Sake.Sugar Bump.a refereeanother typical scene from Derby roller.Poison Arrow in action.Fleur du Malclash between 2 jammers.Fox SakeKaty Perilcake anyone ?an officil photographer.Suffra Jets vs Steam Rollers.The Dalai Harmer 108Dalai Harmer.Suffra Jets vs Steam Rollers.Suffra Jets vs Steam Rollers.A jammer and a pivot watched by referees.2 rollergirls in action.

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