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An afternoon of roller derby took place in the London Excel opposing the London Rollergirls (know that day as the London Brawl Saints) and the Texas Hustlers Girls. The meeting was called : "a fistful of rollers". the game was very interesting as it was a very close game. However towards the end, the Texas Hustlers tok an advantage and kept the lead til the end and won the match. Before there was also another game : the London Brawls Saints vs The glasgow IRN Bruisers ... I'm missed the first half as the results of bad public transport in England.
I don't know her name !no you won't pass !London Brawl Saintslet me grab you !two rollergirls !typical roller derby action !panning on Grievous Bodily charm.roller derby.a winning moment for the local team.Action everywhere !The Mascotshoulders agains shoulderspush-push in roller derby.I won't let you pass meclose action in derby rollera panning on Curvette.Babe Ruthless on the floor.loosing balance.Bloody Mary from the Texas Hustlers.curvette on the ground.

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