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Luton high town.police activites around the Luton railway station.Luton - EDL protest.The Mall during the Luton EDL Protest.Luton shopping mall - EDL protest.The Mall - Luton EDL protestLuton shopping mall - EDL protest.Buses waited outside the mall.Empty and partially closed Luton Mall - EDL protest.Entrance to the Mall - Luton EDL protest.St Gorge sqaure - Luton after the EDL protest.Luton Twon hall.  EDL protest.St George street - Luton EDL protest.Police officers in action.Boarded street during Luton EDL protest.Luton centre after the EDL protest.closed - Luton EDL protest.closeda street in Luton with police vans.Luton during the EDL protest.

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